Provider Registry Frequently Asked Questions
Why create another provider registry?

Most service provider registries are simply a gathering point for pools of vendors with no easy way to get that data to the client in a timely manner. CONNECT! strives to break this mold by directly integrating with our clients to provide a total scope package. By creating a centralized registry, you only have to build your profile once. After that, any client that integrates with our management system will gain the ability to import this profile and periodically synchronize the data to keep you current. This saves you time and minimizes the effort and expense required to get your profile work ready.

Who can I contact if I have difficulty registering?

You can send an email to An agent will usually respond within 24 hours to assist you in the registration process.

Who is ClearValue Consulting?

ClearValue Consulting Inc. is a technology company providing enterprise software to companies that consume mortgage services, such as mortgage originators and vendor management firms. Part of the company's responsibility is assisting its customers in recruiting new providers, and in selecting them for particular assignments to which they are most suited.

Is my contact information sold to other companies?

Absolutely not. We will not provide information on you or your company to anyone without legitimate interest in procurring your services.

Why do you ask for my taxpayer identification number?

Companies that purchase services from you will need your taxpayer identification number for their accounting records, supplying 1099 tax forms, etc. When we provide that information to clients, it reduces the time and effort they have in contacting businesses to obtain necessary documentation. Rest assured that we take measures to safeguard your records.

Who will be able to see my profile?

Only clients that have registered with ClearValue, who intend to purchase mortgage services from our panel, and who you have opted to do business with, will have access to your vendor profile.

Will I receive new business by registering?

We unfortunately cannot predict demand for specific vendors. However, maintaining a complete and accurate profile, supplying requested documentation, and providing quality work at competitive rates increases the likelihood that clients will select you.

What is a digital signature?

Your digital signature is a secure, encrypted electronic version of your signature that protects the content of your work from authorized tampering. It is created with the necessary size and formatting to support forms completed using ClearValue's forms package.

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